Welcome to Complete Rehab & Sport - Physical Therapy

Founded in 2003, Complete Rehab & Sport has been exceeding the physical therapy needs of the Brookhaven, Bellport, Patchogue and Medford area through skilled, caring and compassionate treatment of a myriad of disorders to a wide and varied population. The 3,000sq. ft. facility is equipped with state of the art fitness equipment and modalities, allowing the highly trained staff every luxury in treatment. In addition to the treatment of a wide range of physical therapy related conditions, Complete Rehab & Sport provides a monthly supervised fitness/wellness program and has a licensed massage therapist on the premises. Complete Rehab & Sport has been successful in meeting the needs of the community by fostering a healing environment where staff and client alike are part of its family-like atmosphere. This is achieved through individual care plan administration and a high level of clinical supervision. Our clientele feel as if they 'are a part of something special' and 'like they are the only patient' that we have.


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